I Rekindle My Power To Teach

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SPEECHPOWER Rated Excellent by 120 teachers of Saint Jude Catholic School   In the recently concluded workshop, titled “I REKINDLE MY POWER TO TEACH,” St. Jude Catholic School Teachers of St. Jude Catholic School, San Miguel, Manila, expressed resounding appreciation for the fruitful and enjoyable workshop designed by Speechpower founder & president, Jose M. Mordeno, Jr. and conducted by a team of Speechpower consultants : Mr. Jesse Fiel Gonzales, Mr. Gerry Peralta, Ms. Flor...

Nature’s Cue

Nature’s Cue Do you ever feel you are not meant for an abundant good? If you do, you’re missing nature’s cue. Can you count the leaves of trees, or the grains of sand on the shore, or the myriad stars in the firmament? Tune in to nature’s message. You are meant to express and enjoy the abundance of good.