Speechpower Methodology



Speechpower has clearly defined and refined its style of training. Today, it stands as the definitive institution for interpersonal-interactive learning.

As such, it strongly advocates a “LET’S-DO-IT” approach, made alive with the Speechpower style, which is:

  • CREATIVE and

Here is a brief description of each:

PERSONALIZED means that the Speechpower course facilitator, driven to train with commitment and passion, reaches out to the heart and mind of every learner.

EXPERIENTIAL means that every learner goes through hands-on and workshop skills development activities such as listening, comprehending, interacting and performing again and again, until the desired end is achieved.

ASSERTIVE means that every learner is guided to discover, recognize, accept and make use of their power for self-expression until self-confidence is both heard and seen.

CREATIVE means that Speechpower provides a repertoire of approaches in order to make learning varied, interesting, involving and lasting.

ENJOYABLE means having FUN. A dull and sluggish style of training makes learning boring. A participative, absorbing and engaging approach makes learning highly spirited, exciting, rewarding and enjoyable.