Oral Communication

The Speechpower oral communication courses allow the learners to enjoy the acquisition and mastery of spoken English through practical and functional learning activities. In this way, they gain more confidence in speaking, deliver sensible and clear messages and capture the attention of their listeners.

Persuasive Presentations (PP) Designed to transform a hesitant speaker to a confident and convincing presenter, Persuasive Presentations provides functional and progressive oral and written activities to achieve a synchronic treatment of Content, Organization and Delivery (COD) in order to capture the attention and understanding of an audience.


  • For Professionals

English Conversation Fluency (ECF) English Conversation Fluency answers the learners’ desire to be able to express ideas spontaneously, discuss relevant topics confidently, and share thoughts and feelings interestingly — for academic, social or business encounters.


  • ECF 1 ————– Grade 11 & 12 (Senior High School)
  • ECF 2 ————– 1st & 2nd Year College Students
  • ECF 3 ————– 3rd, 4th & 5th Year College Students
  • ECF 4 ————– Professionals

Intensive Pronunciation Course (IPC) Intensive Pronunciation Course provides rich and useful exercises in vowel and consonant sounds, English rhythm, stress and intonation patterns and tonal meanings in order to develop a highly acceptable speech habit and style.


  • IPC 1 ————– Grade 9 & 10 (Junior High School)
  • IPC 2 ————– Grade 11 & 10 (Senior High School), College Students and Professionals

Public Speaking and Leadership Training (PSLT) Public Speaking and Leadership Training leads and inspires young speech enthusiasts to develop a solid foundation for dynamic speaking and effective leadership.


  • For Grade 9 & 10 (Junior High School)

English Conversation Practice (ECP) English Conversation Practice enriches the communication skills of high school students through interactive sharing of opinions, discussions of meaningful topics and exercises in vocabulary enrichment for them to speak their way to higher grades.


  • ECP 1 ————– Grade 7 & 8
  • ECP 2 ————– Grade 9 & 10 (Junior High School)

Speech and Elocution (SE) Speech and Elocution guides students in learning the art and joy of dynamic oral expression in the classroom, on stage, and in his social world through the interpretation and dramatization of selected speech materials.


  • For Grade 7 & 8

Children’s Speech & Personality Development (CSPD) Children’s Speech & Personality Development trains a child to acquire good voice projection, clear speech and confident personality.


  • CSPD 1 ————– Elementary Graders, 1 & 2
  • CSPD 2 ————– Elementary Graders, 3 & 4
  • CSPD 3 ————– Elementary Graders, 5 & 6

Speech for Beginners (SB) Speech for Beginners develops the speaking ability of five and six year old children and emphasizes correct and proper speech habits.