Reading & Comprehension

The Reading Courses of Speechpower ensure the academic preparedness of students and equip them with study skills that will enable them to cope with the demands of learning. Advanced courses, on the other hand, improve the literary appreciation of students and refine their word use.


Reading Comprehension & Study Skills (RCSS)

Level 1 aims to provide children ages seven and eight (or Grades 1 & 2) the Basic Sight Words and to guide them to the mastery of reading readiness and study skills. The final goal is to introduce the children to the more advanced reading and study skills in the next higher grades.

Level 2 aims to provide for the rapid growth and development of children ages nine and ten (or those in Grades 3 & 4), in the basic reading skills, as it introduces them to the higher reading skills and abilities necessary for the unfoldment of their creative potentials.

Level 3 is designed for children ages eleven and twelve (or those in Grades 5, 6, 7). It provides for further development and mastery of the basic reading skills, and gives opportunities for the acquisition and internalization of the higher reading and study skills. It likewise, links the child’s performance in reading with his learning tasks in subject matter fields.

Level 4 is specially designed for children ages thirteen and fourteen (first and second year high school). The course provides for the mastery of the basic reading skills as it puts emphasis on the development and refinement of the advanced reading skills and study techniques necessary for academic survival and success in high school. The course aims to sharpen the student’s appreciation and locational skills as he is made to realize the relevance of these skills to his academic achievement.


  • RCSS 1 ————– Elementary Graders, 1 & 2
  • RCSS 2 ————– Elementary Graders, 3 & 4
  • RCSS 3 ————– Elementary Graders, 5 & 6
  • RCSS 4 ————– Elementary Graders, 7 & 8

Beginning Reading (BR) “Beginning Reading” introduces beginning readers, ages five and six, to their first printed symbols. The approach follows a gradual introduction, from the easiest to the more complex words, phrases and sentences. Coupled with understanding what they read, the beginning reader is guided to discover the joy of reading.


  • For five and six years old