Story and Mission

Being in the communication training business for 45 years is no easy feat.

In 1971, Dr. Jose M. Mordeno, Jr. opened Speechpower with just one classroom, one course, one teacher, and one student. His mantra then was simple. Using communication as a tool of competence, he claimed: “I can be better than my best! ” That, in a way, complimented his enthusiasm to share his experiences to his countrymen as the first native of the Philippines to teach English to Americans and foreigners at the University of Hawaii. With such humble beginnings, nobody expected that Mordeno’s mantra (of sort) would inspire countless students of all ages and his baby, Speechpower, would be in the forefront of communication training locally and internationally.

As Speechpower turns 45 this October 2016, Mordeno remains steadfast in empowering the modern Filipino by teaching effective communication, and by advocating the right use of the power of positive speech.

Our Value Proposition

  • We uphold the dignity of the human being.
  • Through the power of speech, we dedicate ourselves to the development of the total person.
  • We believe that the attainment of a person’s goals greatly depends on what their
      • thoughts
      • feelings
      • spoken language and
      • actions

    are consistently focused.

  • We value professionalism in all our endeavors to promote excellence in the people who support our objectives and in the people whose upliftment we aim to achieve.
  • We know that in unleashing personal capabilities and sharpening abilities, we work toward the advancement of the organizations whose members are entrusted to us for training.

To attain this vision, we provide professional training programs in various skills which enhance the capabilities and performance of each of the organization’s members.

In full thrust of our mission, we aim:

  • To contribute to the enrichment of individual behavioral skills necessary in handling work-related situations;
  • To advance the intellectual and communication skills of persons involved in various aspects of interpersonal relations;
  • To develop an organizational climate that promotes harmonious interaction and team spirit; and,
  • To strengthen institutional capabilities by the introduction of relevant and effective organization development interventions.

Our organization is professionally run. It is composed of trainers, facilitators, and consultants specializing in various aspects of intrapersonal, interpersonal and organizational effectiveness.

We are committed to creating a positive impact on organizations we extend our services to.